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We, Sea

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A book that captures the ocean's impact on the lives of children from Eleuthera.
Proceeds from We, Sea jointly support Swim to Empower and the Deep Creek Middle School.
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We, Sea captures Eleuthera, an island of the Bahamas, through the eyes of the children who call it home. This book is an exploration of the ocean's impact on their lives, as illustrated by their own photographs and illuminated by their own words. (76 pages)

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The project was conducted in South Eleuthera with students of Swim to Empower and the Deep Creek Middle School. In recent years, South Eleuthera has battled economic, educational and environmental hardships, facing high rates of unemployment, strained school systems and stressed ecological resources. Deep Creek Middle School has grown to become a community beacon, supporting people of all ages with access to learning resources, encouraging the use of the environment as a classroom and securing student scholarships for educational opportunities abroad. Coming from seaside communities where many children surprisingly do not know how to swim, they braved the water to learn new and invaluable skills as part of the Swim to Empower program. Swim to Empower inspires environmental stewardship and fosters public health by enabling individuals to feel more confident in their local environment. Using underwater cameras, these young photographers documented their novel discovery of their home. The blend of visuals with voice tells the story of their daily experience in a coastal world.

Where possible individual students are credited; otherwise photographs are credited collectively to all members of a camera group.

Proceeds from We, Sea go to the two organizations that tirelessly support the students who participated in this project – Swim to Empower and the Deep Creek Middle School.

Artist's Statement

I traveled to Eleuthera in April 2006 to begin a documentary film. The film captures the human connection to the ocean with strong literal and figurative messages about what it means to learn to swim. The narrative is universal – about people overcoming their fears, gaining confidence and freedom, and reconnecting with their environment. I also envisioned local people telling a story through their own eyes and in their own words. Working closely with the Deep Creek Middle School and Swim to Empower, 63 students (ages 7-16) agreed to be a part of this photography project. Using underwater, disposable cameras the mission for these students, many of them first-time photographers, was simple: to explore the ocean's impact on their lives. With just a camera and the support of their peers, children had a wide range of opportunities to experience their surroundings directly and in a new way. Experiences in nature are a key factor in children becoming more expressive, attentive, and simply put – healthier.

The result of this project is documented in the book We, Sea as well as by a selection of individual photographic prints. The children's colorful images and personal words reveal a community that relies on the marine environment. These photographs portray a vibrant, human sensibility, conveying both the beauty and struggle of coastal communities. Photographs are paired with texts written by the students, including poetry, personal statements or just a single word.

We, Sea communicates the essence of daily life in a coastal world, avoiding both a romantic vision of island lifestyle and an overly academic approach to environmental and public health topics. My objective as a doctor of science and a filmmaker is to investigate, capture and share social-educational-environmental stories by providing a medium for global voices. I strive to reveal a distinctive yet unifying perspective of humanity and nature, and search for profound, although perhaps simpler, connections to the complex world in which we live.


Crutch (in progress)

A feature-length film about disabled dancer and choreographer Bill Shannon.
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Trailer Screenings & Awards

Winner, MUSE Media/SF Women's Film Festival Post Production Grant, 2006
Film Arts Foundation Development Grant, 2005
Completion Grant from the Tylenol Corporation, 2005
Best Story, SF Women's Film Festival, 2005
Good News Award, Sacremento Chapter of Women in Film and Television, 2004


Eating The Ocean

A documentary look into the future of the last wild food in French Polynesia.
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Eating The Ocean (20 min), narrated by Celine Cousteau, is a journey to the heart of Oceania where an international team of researchers study the rapidly changing diet of French Polynesians. Through the scientists' investigation and by spending time with families, fishermen and school children we discover that the pressures of the tourism industry, the importation of fast food, and the overfishing and pollution of the Polynesians' backyard lagoons have created a public health crisis. In only two generations we see the cultural shift caused by globalization and environmental degradation. Above and below the water we learn how essential fishing practices are threatened leaving all viewers with the question: how in the future will we be able to eat from the ocean?


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Screenings & Awards

Green Film Festival in Seoul, 2012 Green Competition Finalist
Alaska Ocean Film Festival, 2012
BLUE on Tour, 2011
Beneath The Waves Film Festival, 2011
Honorable Mention, BLUE Ocean Film Festival, 2010
Oceans and Human Health Center, University of Miami RSMAS


Elwha Unplugged: The Opus of Dick Goin (working title/in production)

A film about the quest of Pacific Northwest American hero, Dick Goin, who dedicates his life to set the Elwha River and its natural inhabitants - salmon - free.
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Elwha Unplugged is a sponsored project of The Safina Center, previously known as the Blue Ocean Institute, a 501(c)(3) organization. As such, all contributions made are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Contributions may be made with a check payable to "The Safina Center” sent with a contribution letter (example letter provided below) indicating you want your funds to support the documentary film Elwha Unplugged.

An Example Contribution Letter for Use with Checks
Please find enclosed a contribution for The Safina Center in the amount of $_____________. It is my wish that this contribution will be used to support the documentary film Elwha Unplugged (working title) by reelblue, LLC/Jennifer Galvin, a project that you sponsor.

The contribution letter may be mailed to:
The Safina Center, ATTN: Mayra Marino
Nassau Hall, Suite 111, School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences, Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-5000

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Free Swim

An award-winning documentary about the paradox of islanders not knowing how to swim.
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Free Swim is a one hour documentary about the paradox of islanders not knowing how to swim. Taking place on Eleuthera in The Bahamas we follow a group of kids as they overcome their fears, gain confidence and reconnect with their environment by learning to swim in open waters. With fresh memories of a friend drowning and the conflicts of growing tourism, for these kids it’s not just about floating, but gaining new skills for their future. Visit to learn more.

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Free Swim

Free Swim is a sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA). Generous funding provided by the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA), The Campbell Foundation, and many individuals who found inspiration in Free Swim.

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